Tuesday, November 6, 2007

iwpriv authmode

There are many private ioctls available in MADWifi, here are a few useful ones.
Locking to a Specific Mode ¶

To lock the card to a specific mode, use:

* iwpriv ath0 mode 1 To lock to 11a only.
* iwpriv ath0 mode 2 To lock to 11b only.
* iwpriv ath0 mode 3 To lock to 11g only.
* iwpriv ath0 mode 0 (default) autoselect mode.

Changing Authentication Mode. ¶


* iwpriv ath0 authmode 1 To use open authentication.
* iwpriv ath0 authmode 2 To use shared key authentication.
* iwpriv ath0 authmode 3 To use 802.1x authentication.

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