Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pakistan in a state of emergency!

Pervez Musharraf does it once again!!

NDTV link on the emergency

Suspended the constitution and happily got rid of the chief justice... just for his own personal interest!!

Dictatorship at its best!

Friday, November 2, 2007

C++ compiler for windows

I was searching for a way to get C++ running on my windows machine.
One of the best ways is by installing Cygwin on windows and having the
conventional GNU C compiler tools.

The other (quicker) approach is to install an IDE such as devshed-C++
found here:
Link to devshed-C++

Largest Iceberg

Learnt that C19a is the largest iceberg in the world (as of now).
With all the global warming kicking in.. that might soon change.

Stumbled across this information while I was looking at Google trends in
google labs for the most searched things.. for Nov2 (today) :)

NS2 Installation

Excellent tips on installing NS2 on linux can be found on this page:

Larsen and Toubro - Mumbai airport facelift!

Interesting news:

Forbes Link to the article

An insider tells me that there are 35 more airports in India that need immediate work.. who gets the contracts?? :) .. wait and watch

Just traveled by the Mumbai CST airport.. has an amazing facelift.

Issuing commands remotely - Gexec

I am currently exploring the utility of issuing commands to multiple nodes concurrently. Considering the use of Gexec.

Gexec can be found here: