Saturday, January 19, 2008

Tabla Taal Basic notes and their Maatraas.

I will briefly list the basic tabla
taals and their associated Maatras:

1. Chautal - 12
dha dha din ta | kit dha din ta |
tit kat | gade gana

2. Dadra - 6
dha dhi na | dha ti na

3. Ektaal - 12
dhin dhin | dhage tirakit |
too na | kat tin | dhage tirakit
| dhi na |

4. Jhaptal - 10
dhin na | dhin dhin na |
tin na | dhin dhin na|

5. Kherva - 8
Dhaa ge na ti | na k dhi naa |

6. Rupak - 7
tin tin na | dhin na | dhin na |

7. Teental - 16
dha dhin dhin dha |
dha dhin dhin dha |
dha tin tin ta |
ta dhin dhin dha |


Anonymous said...

Thanks these were nice!

Dinesh said...

Do these work on the dholak or mrundangam too? As far as I can figure out these are common to the hindustani classical music and should work across a range of percussion instruments?

misfit said...

I think they should work across other percussion instruments too. To the best of my knowledge they use same or similar notations for setting up jugalbandis (or duets across instruments).

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

these are good but there has to be the thaali khaali notations also.

GOtgt said...


Anonymous said...

Nice one..

Yahandar said...

It is very informative, and a complete lesson even for those who dont have the knowledge of all the taals and maatras.

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