Saturday, May 24, 2008

Windows Firewalls

Personal firewalls are ment for
preventing access to and from
programs installed on your computer
with other entities (possibly malicious)
on the internet.

Being the control freak/geek that I am
I judiciously like to monitor every
activity on my machine. There are
multiple options available for setting
up firewalls on windows machines.

Here are some of the commercially available
software that I considered:
1. Zonealarm
2. Sunbelt Kiero
3. Kommodo

I installed each one of these and personally
found that the best free version is offered
by Sunbelt with the crappiest free version
coming from Zonealarm. Not only is the control
inadequate but the UI is also antiquated.

As far as pro versions go, I personally found,
that ZoneAlarm Pro is the best. The UI is still not
half as good as that of Sunbelt, but it provides
good protection. Komodo is easy to use as compared
to zonealarm but apparently has some privacy issues.


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