Saturday, May 24, 2008

The best weeping guitar...

"While My Guitar Gently Weeps"
- had heard this song when I was
a kid. Never really knew much about
George Harrison. Over a period of
time I have discovered that he is an
amazing artist...

While My Guitar Gently Weeps - was one
of my fav songs by Harrison.. Found
out an amazing version of it sung
by Tom Petty with fantabulous guitars
by the highly underrated prince..

Enjoy the solo in the end..

Link - Tribute to George Harrison - While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Windows Firewalls

Personal firewalls are ment for
preventing access to and from
programs installed on your computer
with other entities (possibly malicious)
on the internet.

Being the control freak/geek that I am
I judiciously like to monitor every
activity on my machine. There are
multiple options available for setting
up firewalls on windows machines.

Here are some of the commercially available
software that I considered:
1. Zonealarm
2. Sunbelt Kiero
3. Kommodo

I installed each one of these and personally
found that the best free version is offered
by Sunbelt with the crappiest free version
coming from Zonealarm. Not only is the control
inadequate but the UI is also antiquated.

As far as pro versions go, I personally found,
that ZoneAlarm Pro is the best. The UI is still not
half as good as that of Sunbelt, but it provides
good protection. Komodo is easy to use as compared
to zonealarm but apparently has some privacy issues.

[India] No native for me...

Was speaking to my friend the other day...
and this thought came to my mind.. slowly
and steadily the few of us living in city
who had a native place will slowly not
have a native place to call their own.

Drive for money and easy lives in India
brings people away from villages (vadgoan
in my case) to metropolitan cities (mumbai).
My parents were born and brought up there
but they still have some ties in the villages.
I have none.. and I am thinking the next
generation as and when there is in our
family.. will have no village to call their
own and no village to visit..

With time I wonder what the small kids in
my family will think of when their school teacher
asks them to write a composition on "My Village"?

Berry Buzz!

Gizmodo reports the filing of
a touchscreen patent by RIMM
hinting towards the release of a touchscreen based berry.

More details here

Friday, May 23, 2008

Posting publications on a web page - linux tool

Here's an excelent resource for posting
your publications to the web:


Amazing mind

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Cheap Calling Card - India (from US)

After having used Reliablecom, reliance, and dozens
of cheap calling cards to call India from US, I used stanacard today.

They have an amazing service and give almost a
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