Friday, March 27, 2009

Routing/NATing on windows (XP, Vista)

A little known feature on most windows machine
is that they allowing network address translation
for other connections. Say, if you have
two wired connections an eth0 and eth1. If eth0
is connected to the internet, you can enable
eth1 to have the internet connection and windows
does this by running NAT for eth1.

This is done by going to the network connections
window. Right clicking on the interface that
has the internet connection (outbound connection)
i.e. eth0 in our case and check the box for
sharing the connection with other users on the
sharing tab. This will allow the connection to do
NATing for other users while putting them on a
default network like It is a
good idea either to configure DHCP on other network
clients which could be connected to this machine
through a hub or by a cross over cable (wired case).
Static IPs on the same subnet can
also be assigned.

Fore more details lookup information on ICS on windows


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Thanks that worked fine.

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