Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How to install centos packages on debian

A package that can usually be installed on a CentOS
distribution is a file that works with the redhat
package manager ( with the extension .rpm).

To install that file on a debian system, I recommend
the use of the alien debian tool. To use the tool
you will first have to connect your machine to the
internet or alternately have access to debian
package repositories.

$> apt-get update

$> apt-get install alien

These two steps should install the alien package
on your system. Use the following commands to
generate the .deb file -
$> alien -k your_rpm_name.rpm

This takes some time to execute depending on the
size of the package you are trying to debianise.

After the debian package generation is complete you
can use the dpkg tool to install the package as -
$> dpkg -i your_rpm_name.deb

Alternately, alien allows you to directly install the
rpm by using the -i switch.


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