Sunday, April 12, 2009

Vista windows explorer green bar - How to remove it??

There are multiple posts on the net recommending different
ways to speed up windows explorer.

One of them included changing the views of the folders from
detailed to icons. This did not seem to make much difference to
the performance on my machine.

Another solution was to go to Tools menu -> Folder
Options -> General Tab, and selecting the windows classic
folder view. My machine was already having that and thus
did not contribute to removing the slow green bar at the
top of the screen. With classic I have the slow gray bar :)

3. The solution that works for me is - to start with the
windows explorer and go to the Tools menu -> Folder
Options -> View. Then go to the Advanced Settings
and select the “Always show icons, never thumbnails.

The final solution is the one that seems to work for me
and I think it will work for you too. This solution prevents
windows from trying to generate a thumbnail for each
video and picture file you are trying to browse through.

Please post comments and let me know if this works for


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