Friday, April 17, 2009

Wimax - Difference between Profile A, B and C Setups

There is a functional difference between the three profiles
for the Wimax technology. The main distinguishing features
can be highlighted as -

Profile A: The ASN is centralized with the functional
units like the BS and the ASN gateway are separated into
independent entities. The radio resource management (RRM)
is separated into two functional blocks - the RRC which operates
on the ASN GW and the RRA which operates on the Base station.

RRA - Radio resource agent
RRC - Radio resource controller.

Links between the BS and ASN-GW is established through the
R6 link.

Profile B: Considers a distributed ASN side and the BS and the
ASN GW functionalities are pushed to a single architecture. All
major functionality is a part of the ASN architecture.

Profile C: Has all the things as same as the Profile A setup,
except that the RRC is also pushed to the BS. There are other
minor differences with mobility and handover control, which
is moved from the GW to the BS.

These profiles are a part of the Release 1.


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