Monday, April 27, 2009

Working with latex on windows - The 3 step guide

There are 3 essential steps to get latex working on
windows -

1. Miktex - Miktex is the latex package for windows
and must be installed before doing anything. A simple
way to get this package is by visiting the site -

Multiple options are available for installation, with the
most popular and widely used option being the ~80MB
installation with popular packages.

This is a windows installer file and is pretty self explanatory.

2. Ghostscript and GS View- These applications are
majorly required for working with postscript files and
strongly recommended for newbies. The installation
files can be found at -

3. An editor - WinEdt - Technically the user could work
with any editor but my choice is Winedt, because of its
particularly simple and intuitive interface. The software is
available at -
This link also has detailed installation instructions - and
how it works with Miktex and ghostscript.

If you are finding it hard to locate and download any
of the source mentioned here, googling the name with
a download tag should help you locate a resource.


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