Monday, May 4, 2009

Comparison between google's Bigtable and amazon simpledb

Recently I have seen a lot of disucssion relating to
the comparison between the much touted Google
Bigtable database and the Amazon SimpleDB solution.
The BT (bigtable) is an internal database system used
for different projects which could be made open to public.

Amazon's simpleDB solution is currently available to
customers who sign up for the web service. The first
level of comparison shows up in terms of pricing of
the service. Some articles such as this and a
couple of others discuss the pricing issue.
Some even contemplated the Google service being

Another factor is the ease of use. Some articles contemplate
and debate that the Google approach would not only
try to compete based on size but also on the basis
of functionality. Since Amazon is known to provide
bare bones services in most cases, (sometimes
requiring third parties to develope and build on it),
the users are expecting google to provide a better
usability model.

An approach to give a shot to the google's bigtable service as a
testride is available here -
This provides a web interface for working and creating tables
that can be accessed from the web.

A possible plus working with the amazon solution could be
easy integration with other services like the amazon ec2 and
(elastic cloud computing) and the amazon s3 (storage).


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