Thursday, May 7, 2009

Difference between Cell Broadcast and MBMS

Both services are a part of the GSM standard. However,
MBMS is also used with UMTS.

Cell broadcast is a part of the GSM standard
and is used to send a broadcast message to
all subscribers from a particular cell. This service
is a pseudonym for the SMS-CB - Short message
service - Carrier broadcast. The other version of this
service - SMS-PP - point to point link is the version
used with the standard SMSs. SMS-CB was designed
for emergency purposes where the provider can
send emergency message to all users within a cell.

With Multimedia broadcast multicast the architecture
provides a means for the users of the service to interact
with the service provider. Along with the standard broadcast
service MBMS provides the advantage of having a
two way multicast.


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