Sunday, May 3, 2009

Difference between IP camera and a USB webcam

IP cams are closed circuit tv cameras that were built
with the primary purpose of monitoring and surveillance.
These cameras are capable of working in areas with little
light and good at detecting change in the environment.
Typical resolution with such cameras ranges from 420
to 560 tv lines. These cameras can be connected over
a fast ethernet link to a controlling stations where their
feed could either be displayed on a closed circuit tv or
fed to software for presence detection/analysis. Alternately
their feeds are also recorded and archived for
analysis after a particular incident such as theft/

Web cams are devices that can be used for computer
systems and are used for personal purposes such as
video conferencing (or video chatting for individuals).
Most web cams come with a USB connection for use
with computers. Thes cameras are capable of use in a
well lit environment and for objects in fair focus. It
is important to note that some of the newer webcam
devices are also being considered and used as security
cameras that archive and send videos over the network
when they detect motion/sound/both.


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