Friday, May 8, 2009

What is a MATLAB mex file?

A mex file is a matlab source type file
that allows the user to compile partial code
as C/C++ code. MATLAB runs an interpreter
for running the code. Since code interpretation
is usually slower as compared to running
pre-compiled binaries on a machine, MATLAB
provides an approach to do this by using the
built in mcc tool.

These mex files define certain entry points
in a standard matlab code where, a function
call is translated to a C/C++ code and later
accept values from the computed results.
Such an approach finds a lot of application with
compute intensive operations such as graph
search or image recognition which can be done
better with optimized C code.


Dave Smith said...

Note that these files can be written as REX files (remotely executable) or as DLLs. REX files are usually faster since they run on 32 bit codes.

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