Monday, September 28, 2009

60 ghz Wireless Applications (WiGig)

Given that you could now have superior
performance (doing up to 15 Gigabits per second) with
the 60GHz unlicensed radio band, the main
question that comes to mind - What are the
applications of such a technology?

Is it just another technology that finds limited
applications of being a single link? As it turns out
this radio range has long been used for inter-satellite
communications due to the high O2 absorption.
This helps secrecy and avoids any sniffing from within
the earth's atmosphere. Other applications could be
in the direction of TVs connected to set top boxes through
such a connection.

Though this link is limited only by the distance over which
it can be sustained, this radio is now a reality and applications
for this product are only limited by imagination.


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