Saturday, March 21, 2009

Free windows XP/Vista software

If you are a student at a qualified university and your university is a part of the microsoft academic alliance you could be entitled to install windows software for free on your machine. Check out this this link for the list of schools that are a part of this initiative. More information about the microsoft academic alliance initiative is available here.

Is it Ram or Rama (pronounciation)

Considerable debate has yielded no conclusive response on the real spelling/interpretation of the Hindu diety and warrior. Descendents of northern and western india suggest that the name is Ram and should rather be pronounced as Ram. Indians from the southern region sugest and use the name as Rama and to be pronounced as Ramaa. In fact wikipedia does so too.

The issue seems to be the way in which words are transliterated in sanskrit. Rama refers to the pronounciation with an emphasis on "m" rather than as "maa". The pronounciation as aa in sanskrit has a dash on a which is missing in Rama. Hence in english though the spelling Rama could be correct (as per the sanskrit transliteration), it should still be pronounced as Ram.

Difference between stock and vanilla kernel

Most websites do not differentiate between these two terms. However, there have been some comments in the linux communities on the difference. Some say that stock is the same as a generic kernel versions released by Linus on while the vanilla version refers to the non-patched baseline images.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How to upload photos using Picasa

Save all your photos in one directory(either from camera or from pen drive etc..) say "Trip photos". Now follow the steps to upload photos using picasa web 3 : 

1) If you already have gmail account go to step 3 else go to step 2.

2) To create new gmail account , go to, then click on "Sign Up For Gmail" at right bottom corner and follow the steps to create gmail account. 

3) If you already have picasa web install on your computer go to step 8 else click here.

4) Click on "Download Picasa 3" at right top corner. 

5) It will open a pop a window click on "Run" button (First option out of 4 options).

6) Accept the agreement and click on "Install" to install it at default location (Or you can browse the dirctory path where u want to save it using "browse" button). 

7) It will ask for few more options to select (select them all or whichever you want (like creating a short cut on desktop etc..)) and finally click on "Finish"

  NOTE: If you select the options like "Create short cut on desktop" and "Run after finish" it will directly start picasa 3 once you click finish or you need to click on the icon from desktop to start picasa. 

8) Once you have started picasa 3 it lists all the folders under "Folders" section from your system including the one which you have created ("Trip photos"). If your folder is not listed under "Folders" section go to step 9 else click on your folder from "Folders" list and go to step 13.

9) If you want to add new folder to picasa containing new photos, click on "import" button (left top corner) 

10) Again at left top corner you have the option of selecting the device, select the "Folder" option (you can directly copy from any external device but since we already have copied photos to "Trip photos" directory we will select "Folder" option).

11) Select your folder from proper path and click on "import all" option (available at center bottom). 

12) Now it will show all ur photos on left side bar and at the bottom it will show you that it is acquiring some files, that means it is loading all your photos to picasa. Once that process is completed, click on "Import all". It will open a new pop up window where you are going to specify following things: 

  a) Give the same Folder name for your photos on the web(in our case it is "Trip photos" or you can give different folder name). 

  b) Location where these photos will be saved on your local disk (select till the directory where your folder is saved already or any other location u wish) and then click "Finish". It will show all your photos from your directory on right side with your folder added in the Folder section on left side.

13) At right top corner where all your photos from your folders are listed, you have a option called "Share" and besides that there is a small downward arrow key. Click on that arrow key and select option "Unlisted" (This way only those people whom you are inviting to view your album will be able to see it, general public can not see your album. But if your recipient FWD it to some other mail ids even they can view your album so be sure about the option you want to select). 

14) Then click on "Share" it will either open a window for login with your gmail id or if u r already logged in the sme browser it will dirctly open a pop up window where you can type mail ids to whom you want to share this album (If you already have mail ids saved in your gmail account, as you type in, it will show you that mail id for auto complete, so you can select them easily).

15) Once u have entered all the mail ids separated by comma, you can change subject if you want or leave the subject as it is. Confirm the album visibility is "Unlisted" (or anything which u prefer for your album) and then click on "Send". This way you will be able to send all your photos in one step itself. 

Note : When you click on send, it will open one more pop up window where it indicates that it is uploading photos on web... for more number of photos, it may need some time .. so do not close the window unless it says "Finished XX items uploaded(email sent). Once you see this message, it is confirmed that you have send your mails correctly.  

Note Again:Once you have send the photos you can close picasa by clicking "CROSS" sign at right top corner and continue with other work. Also you can any time delete that folder from picasa folder list (which automatically deletes it from your disk) and click on "Sync" option at right top corner (Just before "Share") to remove it even from your web album list.

Enabling arp on linux

Some devices may be preconfigured with arping disabled.
This may be seen either after running:
ifconfig interface

or by seeing a missing entry in the arp table.

This can be fixed by using the following command -
ifconfig interface -arp ip netmask netmask

ifconfig eth0 -arp netmask

Three approaches for enabling proxy arping through a tunnel (Linux)

Say you have a device by the name mstun which shows up
on your machine. Then to enable proxy arping of all the nodes
connected via the tunnel mstun you have to enable proxy

This can be done in three ways ($> is the prompt) -
$> echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/conf/mstun/proxy_arp

$> sysctl net.ipv4.conf.mstun.proxy_arp=1

Add the line -

to /etc/sysctl.conf

To work with this setup ip forwarding on the machine has to be enabled -
$> echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward