Friday, April 24, 2009

How to partition with Windows XP having only single C drive ?

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

1) Reinstall Windows XP from a bootable CD and create an install partition that is smaller than the total capacity of the hard drive. But with this, everything on the hard drive, including data and applications, will be lost when the drive is formatted.

2) Use any external program like
      a) Acronis Disk Director Suite (Click For Download)
      b) PartitionMagic by PowerQuest (Click For Download)
      c) Partition Commander by V Communications (Click For Download)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to resolve blur image/picture problem with logitech webcam?

Recently I came accross "Blur Picture" problem while using 
Logitech webcam with yahoo messenger. I found that even 
if you select "Broadcast my webcam with - Better Quality" 
option from Messenger -- > Preferences, image is not very

Solution to this problem is :
1) Make sure the Webcam is connected and detected 
     correctly by messenger.
2) Then from Yahoo Messenger main menu listed at the top,
     select "Messenger" --> "My Webcam" --> "File" --> 
     "Preferences" --> "Webcam" option.
3) Select "Camera Settings" listed at top left corner in 
     "Webcam" option.
4) Adjust "White Balance" value till your image is clear.
     (I used "7950" and my image was very much clear.)
  Some times you also need to adjust other values listed
  on the same page like contrast,brightness,sharpness etc.

Enjoy sharing your clear image with your friends/family.

Note :
  1) You can change any of the image values any time 
       during broadcasting.
  2) Make sure that you restart the chat window from which
       you are sharing your image.
  3) "Webcam " option mentioned in step 2 can also be 
       directly selected from chat window from where you
       want to share your image.