Saturday, November 14, 2009

Linux intel - wimaxd gets killed

Make sure you are starting wimaxd as root.
Else, you will notice that it gets silently killed
with no information at command line. You can
check the log at /var/log though. Starting wimaxd
as super user solved the problem for me.

Bash bad substitution error - array access

If you ever come across this error while migrating a
shell script from one machine to other, please ensure
that you are using the same shell to execute the script.

Typical error- 4: A[9]=123213: not found 5: Bad substitution

i.e if you used "sh" to execute the file, please try
running it using "bash". It solved the problem
for me. It had nothing to do with malformed braces while
accessing the array nor user permissions on the script.

Good luck!