Monday, September 6, 2010

Connect router to ADSL modem router

I have a connection coming in through an ADSL2 connection which goes to a box that works as the modem + the wireless router. I wanted to connect a more powerful linksys wireless router and use it instead for getting the wireless connectivity.

Here is what I did: I converted the linksys wireless router to a wireless switch.

The way I did it:

---adsl2 ---> adsl2modem+router box --> linksys box --> wireless out

To convert the wireless router to a switch, I put the wireless router on the same IP subnet as the adsl2modem+router box by using a random IP in that subnet. Then I disabled DHCP and if possible one should also disable NATing. This ensures that all clients associating with the linksys box will be eventually asking DHCP from the adsl2modem+router box and everything works like a charm :)


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