Monday, April 18, 2011

Simple application to download tweets to desktop

+ We can do this using a simple GUI based java application TwitterBackup
+ Download and save the application to your desktop or preferred location.

+ Launch the application by starting the command line on windows
   - Click the run button on the start menu.
   - Type "cmd" on the run window
   - Change directory to the place where you have stored the downloaded java app.
   - Ex: cd Desktop      (if your downloaded file is on the desktop)
   - Launch the java app. by typing:    
            java -jar twitterbackup-3.1.6.jar
+ Once the UI launches, fill the fields and click the start button. Make sure you type the backup file name as filename.xml. In the example below we use s.xml.

+ It might ask you to allow the app on twitter and then enter the pin number on the application.


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