Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Subversion Mistake

Crux of this article:
  • Trunk is now what is in production.
  • Main development and bug fixes happen on numbered iteration branches (iteration-001, iteration-002, etc.)
  • Features happen on branches named after the feature. (foobranch, barbranch, etc)
  • Each iteration branch is based off of the previous iteration. If a checkin happens in iteration-001, it is merged into iteration-002. (ex: cd iteration-002; svn merge ^/branches/iteration-001 .)
  • No commits happen directly to trunk, only merges. For midweek releases, we cherry pick individual commits from an iteration branch to trunk. (ex: cd trunk; svn merge -c23423 ^/branches/iteration-001 .)
  • Feature branches are based off of an iteration.

Interesting discussion on how subversion could possibly support an iterative dev model, and the problems with it:  The Subversion Mistake


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