Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Solution to Google AppEngine HelloWorld error

Exact error while running the google app engine test program on the python SDK:
NameError: global name 'execfile' is not defined
The problem is because you probably installed python 3.X. The app engine is compatible only with the python 2.X series. So the solution is to uninstall your current python installation and re-install the older version obtained from I tested with python-2.7.

After you re-install an older version of python, make sure that the app engine can find it by changing the settings on the preferences tab of the appengine. 

Create problems for Windows (Fun)

From a nice post on SuperUser:

  • In bios disable the processors L2 cache - Machine crawls
  • Windows+break-->advanced system settings --> hardware tab --> Device Manager, right click disable mouse (make sure you can get here with just your keyboard so you can undo this!)
  • ctrl+alt + Arrow key - on some graphics cards this rotates the screen. (usually with no method of undoing this unless you know this shortcut)
  • Make a floppy boot disc/usb Key/CD Rom, pop it in the floppy drive and ensure its set to first in the boot order in bios (bonus points for removing the hdd from boot list and creating all 3 boot discs with a different os on each so they fix one then get the next!)
  • Use a partitioning tool to shrink the hdd partition to a few mb more than is currently in use
And a few irritations to garnish the pc with
  • If it had internet access - Open Internet Properties --> connections Tab -->Lan Settings, Check use a proxy server, set the address to (prevents them googling for solutions :P)
  • Right click on desktop - View - uncheck show desktop icons (irritating but not tough to fix)
  • sticky tape on the bottom of the mouse can disrupt the laser stopping the mouse working (couple this with the major disabling of the mouse in device manager to add confusion).
  • if the connectors are ps2, swap the mouse and keyboard, obvious if your used to hardware but passes a quick glance from a noob
  • In word Office button -->Word Options --> proofing --> AutoCorrect Options --> add a few entries for common words, subtlety is your friend, is --> was the --> teh etc (2k7 instructions but can be done via different route in most versions)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Create and read QR codes online

Nice and free services are available for creating and reading quick reference (QR) codes.

You can create a QR code by inputting your text at this URL:

A sample QR code looks like:
My test QR code created for free.