Monday, March 19, 2012

Setting up quick path based access on SVN server or repository

From a post I found somewhere on the web:

In your svn\repos\YourRepo\conf folder you will find two files, authz and passwd. These are the two you need to adjust.
In the passwd file you need to add some usernames and passwords. I assume you have already done this since you have people using it:
Then you want to assign permissions accordingly with the authz file:
Create the conceptual groups you want, and add people to it:
allaccess = user1
someacces = user2,user3
Then choose what access they have from both the permissions and project level.
So let's give our "all access" guys all access from the root:
@allacces = rw
But only give our "some access" guys read-only access to some lower level project:
@someaccess = r
You will also find some simple documentation in the authz and passwd files.

svnserve.conf: Option expected svnserve.conf

when you edit svnserve.conf, you cannot have a space before you set an argument and a variable. It doesn’t find the argument.

Solution: Open svnserve.conf and delete extra spaces at the beginning of any line. (Usually where a # (pound) sign was removed to comment a line)
  • svnserve conf:12: Option expected
  • svnserve conf Option expected
  • SVN Option expected
  • option expected
  • svnserve option expected
  • svnserve conf 12 option expected
  • svnserve conf
  • svnserve conf:12 option expected
  • conf/svnserve conf:12: Option expected
  • Option expected svn

Splitting Bibtex file into multiple files

I was trying to split my one large Bibtex file into multiple bibtex files. I tried different commands such as \input or \include. However, none of them worked.

I also tried to include multiple \bibliography commands in my main file. But that resulted in "Illegal, another \bibdata command" error.

Solution: \bibliography{file1,file2} where your bibtex files are named file1.bib and file2.bib and are in the same directory should always work.