Friday, August 10, 2012

How to move files between perforce changelists cls

If you have a file opened as part of an existing changelist, how do we move the file to a different changelist.

Say for example you have created a CL234 and you want to move a file that is already present in your default Cl with the name //depot/test/main.c to your CL234.

The command to do this would be:
p4 reopen -c 234 //depot/test/main.c
The -c switch in the above command is used to specify the changelist#.

How to revert a perforce changelist (CL) in Linux

Unless you have the UI for perforce where you can use p4v, there are a set of steps you  need to follow to backout changes from perforce.

To backout the most recent CL (say CL100):

  1. p4 sync @99
  2. p4 edit //depot/foo.txt //depot/bar.txt //depot/ola.txt
  3. p4 sync
  4. p4 resolve -ay
  5. p4 submit

sync will take the repo to an older version (before the cl). Edit will open your file to be reverted. sync will bring the rest of the view to the CL after 99. Resolve and submit will cause you to go back to the old state. Remember to "accept yours" during the resolve stage.

Detailed instructions on backing out changes in other scenarios is listed here.

Silent reboot happens when a computer system crashes but does not produce a stack trace for debugging.
A silent reboot can also happen because of misconfiguration of the system

Silent boot is a similar concept where the user of the system configures it for booting with minimum verbosity.

To achieve a silent boot in a Linux system, I found some notes online:

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Error called object !=0ul is not a function

Usually happens due to the mismatch of braces or the missing of an operator on the indicated line. 

The compiler does not find an operator where it needs to and interprets it as an improper function call.