Friday, June 21, 2013

Difference between single and multiple protection settings in the duration ID

A single protection setting is used to protect the transmission until the end of any following data management or response frame. In multiple protection setting the NAV protects until the estimated end of multiple sequence of frames.

Why are agricultural economies mostly patriachal?

These are just my 2 cents and may not match with everyone's reasoning. I am not saying things are right or wrong either way.

Human species came about 2.5million years ago, and they mostly did hunting and gathering. Males would hunt and females would gather seeds and grains. Thus woman had an important role in the economy and in general in the household.

Patriachal society is a society where the males play the main role. They are the opposite of a matriachal society.

Agriculture began around 9000BCE. Required the community to stay at one place. Required individuals to work on the fields. Needed more workers, so the focus was on reproduction. Hence the females in the family would bear children while the men the did the work of generating the bread. This lead to a developing of more patriachal society within agricultural economies.