Sunday, September 14, 2014

Engineering student's list of essential linux utilities

I will keep adding to this list as I add  more software to the list. This is what I have installed as of now.

Research software:

  1. GNU octave - cant do without this one (package - ubuntu)
  2. gnuplot - plotting essentials - (package - ubuntu)
  3. NS2 simulator - (package - ubuntu)

General utilities
  1. vim (package - ubuntu)
  2. tmux - terminal emulator (package - ubuntu)
  3. keepassx - cross platform key manager (package - ubuntu)
  4. filesync - open source sync tool (package - ubuntu)
  5. Comix - CBR reader for your comic book readings :)
  6. Xscreensaver with the glsideshow package - for creating a digital picture frame of your favorite memories when your linux machine is not working its butt off!

Productivity packages:
  1. Inkscape for generating phenomenal scalar and raster images. Removed GIMP from the list.
  2. Texworks latex suite - super latex productivity
  3. SourceTree based free git support for one tree.
  4. Bash completion package - for command line completions

Please note I am not endorsing any of these apps. These are just the things that I found useful.